Wedding Wednesday: Saying Yes to the Dress

There have been and will be a lot a tough decisions to make when it comes to wedding planning but saying yes to the dress wasn’t one of them!

wedding dress

Last Saturday my mom, sister and I drove up to Madeline’s Daughter in Portsmouth to begin (and end!) dress shopping.

I chose this salon for my first wedding dress shopping experience because a close friend said she had the best experience there. Most, if not all, of their inventory is on their website and I was able to save numerous pictures on my iPad of styles I liked for my consultant to see.

When we arrived, the three of us were ushered into a private dressing where I changed into some extremely attractive under garments (not attractive at all) and spoke with my consultant about how the appointment would work. I showed her all of the styles I was drawn to and she went back into the magical land of wedding dresses and pulled 5 for me to try on.

She asked which one I was drawn to first but I had no idea. My sister however knew which one she wanted to see me in and pointed to it. And the fun began, I tried on the first dress, that my sister chose, and was laced up and clipped in and turned towards the mirror.

I loved it. I knew right then it was my dress. I looked at my mom, who was crying which further solidified that this was in fact, my dress.

I stilled tried on more dresses but none lived up to that first dress. After about an hour of trying dresses on and comparing them to the first dress, I decided to put the first dress back on. My mom cried again and I said this was for sure my dress.


I tried on a couple veils, my consultant took my measurements and we placed the order for my WEDDING DRESS! And in six months it will come in. Everything was so easy and my mom, sister and I had the best time.

After this the three of us went to lunch to celebrate!


And I’m Back

Real talk: Things have been a little crazier than I would like around here. Did you know that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away? Oh, and I am moving just 4 days after that because we bought a house and put our condo on the market. So yeah, lots has been going on. And it gets dark shortly after lunch…gross.

That’s no excuse to not be working out like normal but I just haven’t been. So I haven’t been checking in here because no one wants to hear about my day when it goes like this – work, home, dinner, bed, repeat x5. I’m been blowing off writing, cooking and working out because I have been lazy and because my life has just been boring lately. Busy but boring.

But I am fully ready to change that. Mainly because I feel gross but partly because I SAID YES TO THE DRESS this weekend and I want to look amazing in it come October. More on dress things later this week. I am just excited and wanted to spill the beans early.

Back to working out – I need to just do it. I always, always feel better after working out so no more excuses. Hold me to this!


Meals this week won’t be on point due to a birthday dinner, a friends dinner, Christmas parties and SL’s volleyball league so making an effort to get back on track with workouts is a must! I started off on a good foot yesterday with a Pump workout called Pump and Shred which included squats, chest, legs and back, lunges, shoulders, core and of course, stretching.

I’ve loved Les Mills Body Pump for years and I am so excited to be able to recreate those classes at home. I haven’t decided on what I am going to go about a gym when we move so at home workouts may become my go-to.

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday (ha!) and had a great weekend. See you tomorrow!