The Wedding Planning Begins!

Last week, my mom, SL and I visited our first potential wedding venue! Willowdale Estate holds tented weddings in the spring, summer and early fall and weddings in their mansion in the winter. SL and I are looking at spring or fall 2015 at found Willowdale to be absolutely beautiful.

willowdale estate

(Photo Source: SMP Picture Gallery)

The venue offers both ceremony and reception areas as well as a separate area for cocktail hour. SL and I are looking for all-inclusive type spaced like this because neither of us are sold on getting married in a church.

On our tour we met with the Sales Manager and she gave us a whole bag of goodies before we even got started! Free swag…LOVE IT! Each part of the tour was stunning.┬áThe mansion was built in the early 1900s by Bradley Palmer who drew his inspiration from the Mansions and Castles of Aberdeen in Scotland. I think I am a little bit Scottish and SL’s name is Scott so there is definitely a connection there.

inside mansion

(Photo: Bharat Parmar Photography on Willowdale’s website)

The outdoor ceremony area and tented reception area were beautiful as well. This is definitely a contender! Before we left, the Sales Manager gave us a list of open dates they had for the months were are interested in and there plenty on both Friday and Saturday nights!

As we were leaving we saw a deer checking us out! I hope he/she approved of us and makes an appearance at our wedding if we choose this venue.