15-Minute Sweaty HIIT Workout

HIIT workouts are everywhere and for good reason. They are effective and efficient (two of may favorite words). HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts can be completed in even the shortest time frame and work all the muscles…hence why you get SO sweaty. I’ve done this 15-minute sweaty HIIT workout a couple times this week and figured I’d share it.

15-minute sweaty HIIT workout

All you need for this workout is a set of dumbells (and a kettle bell if you have one. If not, no big deal).

If you want to make this workout harder or easier, play around with the interval timing – try 30 on 30 off. If you are super ambitious today, try completing the workout twice. Just make sure to take water breaks (or any breaks) as needed.

Today’s Workout

This morning started early at 5:15 and i dragged my tired legs out of bed to complete this workout followed by a 15 minute walk. My legs were only up for walking after doing about a thousand lunges and squats yesterday with my at home BodyPump. Les Mills – I love you, hate you, love you.


Last night I made myself 2 protein pancakes (protein powder, egg whites, banana, cashew milk and cinnamon) for this morning and tomorrow morning’s breakfast. I love having a warm breakfast on cold mornings but I NEVER have time to make one. Hence, making them the night before.

I topped my pancake with 4 sliced strawberries and heated one of my pancakes up in the microwave. Warm pancakes with warm strawberries – AMAZING! I will be doing the exact same thing tomorrow morning!

Emily Signature

Let me know if you try this workout!


Some Eats + Some Workouts

Good morning friends! TGITh because that means tomorrow is Friday and I have Monday off thanks to MLK being a badass (thanks MLK!) In Monday’s post I mentioned I was going to share a recipe for Chocolate Protein Balls but they were gross so I am just going to share some eats + some workouts.

Back to the protein balls – this is the second time I have tried to make these little truffle-esque balls with protein powder and the second time they have come out gross. I am just going to stick to my delicious protein shakes from now on. Lesson{s} learned.

Chocolate Protein Balls

Moving on. I did make something that was really delicious on Monday night. Cookies!! SL had a work party so I had to wifey up and make something. After perusing the pantry I decided on White Chocolate Macadamia Cranberry Cookies.

I used a basic cookie base and added 2/3 cup of each goodie. I realized that someone in the move my baking soda, baking powder and vanilla got lost (I think they are still at the old house) so my cookies went without and they still turned out great.

White Chocolate Macadamia Cranberry Cookies

In less sweet eats, I made this amazing marinated fish with mango salsa that I will absolutely be recreating in the near future.

Fish, Mango Salsa

{Wild cod loin marinated with lime juice, honey and spices atop brown rice and sliced cucumbers with a *homemade* mango salsa}

This was SL’s plate, mine has a little less of everything and a little more cucumber. SL likes to think he is still a “growing boy” and can eat whatever he wants. I like to think I am NOT a growing girl…

SL’s mom gave us a legit full Thanksgiving dinner last night and I wanted to indulge like none other but I made it work.

Thanksgiving over greens

{Roasted turkey, 1/2 sweet potato, stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce and a drizzle of gravy over spinach and arugula}

Thanksgiving over greens anyone? Everything in moderation as they say.

I’ve kept my eats pretty clean this week and have step up my sweat game as well.

  • Monday – 40 mins walking on treadmill (wasn’t feeling my run game)
  • Tuesday – Legs & Booty, Abs and 25 mins of run/walking on the treadmill
  • Wednesday – Off day, needed that extra 45 mins of sleep
  • Thursday – This kettlebell workout + 20 mins of run/walking on the treadmill

So that’s how my week has been going.


What has your favorite eat of the week been?

Mine – Scott’s mom’s sausage stuffing. I only had a small bit but I LOVED every bit of it 🙂