It’s time to really train again! Now that summer is over and my life has gotten back on schedule, I made the commitment to do another half marathon! My first half was was back in June and I managed to train for it (and a sprint triathlon) during one of the busiest times of my life – the final semester of grad school.

twin lobster half marathon

This time around, I am training solo which scares the hell out of me. And my training schedule is far more compressed this time around. I devised the 9-week half marathon training plan based off a suggested plan from the my asics app.

9 week fall half marathon

I learned a lot from my first half and plan to make a few changes when training for this one.

  1. Drink water during training runs – I didn’t do this at all last time around because I was nervous about running with water. Dumb. I’m not sure what my plan will be (running with water, stashing water somewhere, planning routes around the house so I can stop in and grab a sip?)
  2. Take in more calories during long runs – I researched how to do this thoroughly but realized I need to take in calories more often than most people recommend. I love Clif Shot Bloks but might try some real food this time around.
  3. Run in shorts – Training for my first half in the late winter and spring, I wore capris almost always. Then, race day came and it was hot! Well, it was hot for June. I didn’t want to switch things up on race day so I wore capris and was dying of heat.
  4. Foam roll, foam roll, foam roll – And more foam rolling. And more stretching, especially after long runs.

I am really looking forward to get my run game back on track!

Half MerryThon – December 7th

Past Training

Dual Training – Sprint Triathlon & Half Marathon


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