I Survived the Snowpocalypse + DietBet Update

First blizzard in the new house…check! We got absolutely dumped up and are still shoveling ourselves out and will probably have snow in our yard until July. The house actually looks extremely beautiful blanketed in the white stuff so I am not going to get annoyed with the snow just yet.


Does shoveling count as cardio? I hope so.

But I actually did get a run in yesterday too.

Tuesday run

DietBet Update

  • Starting Weight: 140.0 lbs
  • Goal Weight: 134.4 lbs
  • 1st Weigh In: 137.2 lbs
  • 2nd Weigh In: 136.2 lbs
  • 3rd Weigh In: 136.0 lbs
  • Total Lost: 4.0 lbs
  • Lbs to go: 1.6 lbs

So I only dropped 0.2 lbs this week…whomp whomp. I am ok with it though, just means more work this week (the last week!). DietBet still tells me I have an 83% chance of winning (my money and the losers money).

This week I am going to following the Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down as religiously as I can. But this Sunday…there is a little thing called the Superbowl on TV and it is featuring a bunch of my favorite guys, Tom, Gronk, Jules, Bill and ‘Dola. Anyone want to bet on the over/under on how many snacks I will eat (or hopefully not eat?!)

That’s enough for today.

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What are you eating this Sunday? Who are you routing for?


Friday Favorites – 1.23

And just like that, its Friday again! Thanks to the Monday holiday this week flew by for me and I am so excited its almost the weekend again. SL and I are heading out for date night tonight and have a going away party planned for tomorrow night. Plans two nights in a row? Who are we?

Before I get too excited for the weekend, let me get excited about my Friday Favorites for this week!

Friday Favorites

Like my new graphic? I figured we’ll roll with a wintery theme seeing that it is winter for the next 4 months here in New England.

Ok, for real now, my Friday Favorites!

  • H&M Sportswear

H&M recently launched a new sportswear line and it is FANTASTIC! Well, if its not completely new then its mostly new and completely new-to-me. I love each and every affordable yet fitness-fashionable piece. Here are some of the pieces I will probably order immediately:

H&M Sportswear

Padded Lightweight Jacket – $49.95 // Sports Tank Top – $9.95 // Sports Bra Medium support – $19.95 // Yoga Tights – $29.95

  • Kwench Juice Cafe

kwench juice cafe

I might be a little pre-mature in adding this to my Friday Favorites as it hasn’t actually opened and I can’t find any traces of it in the Google machine. The sign seems extremely promising though…acai bowl and fresh juices right next door to my office? Please, just take my whole wallet now.

  • Cashewmilk


I finally found it!! After searching hi and low in my local grocery stores, I finally found one that carried Silk’s new Cashewmilk. So far I have only used it in smoothies/shakes and coffee (so good) but I am hoping to bake with it this weekend! I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

  • Paying under $1.00/gallon for gas

gas station

Jealous? After buying my Cashewmilk at Stop & Shop I checked out my receipt to see how many gas points I had. Turns out, with that $3 purchase I eclipsed the 1,000 point mark meaning I got $1.00 of each gallon of gas. The Shop & Shop gas station (located conveniently across the street from the grocery store) had a price sticker of $1.99/gallon. After some kindergarten level mental math I realized I would be paying less than a buck per gallon! It made my night.

gas station

I have an 18-gallon tank so you can see how much I desperately needed to fill up. This has got to be the only time I’ve ever filled this tank for under $20.

What have you been loving this week?

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