Why I Workout In the Morning

Wake up. Workout. Go to Work. Come home. Make and eat dinner. Relax. Go to bed. That is my schedule 95% o the time Monday through Friday. Now that my schedule has calmed down (aka no more school!) I have the “luxury” of working out before or after work but I prefer to workout in the morning, despite the 5:15am wake up call.

Here is why I workout in the morning:

wake up and run

Be a Fat Burning Machine

Workouts are fueled by energy. Energy comes from food. First thing in the morning, there is no food left in my belly so my fuel comes from fat stores. Easy as that! I am not a scientist so I can’t prove this completely but it makes sense and I like to think of all the excess fat getting scorched as I pound the pavement (or the treadmill).

I Sleep Better

Early as can be 5:15am workouts mean I have to hit the sheets early(-ish). When I work out at night, I’m all fired up and energetic and I don’t get to bed until much later than I should. Science says that when you exercise, your body temperature rises which can lead to trouble sleeping. I need all of the sleep I can get (contrary to this shirt) and after getting up super early every morning, I am super ready for bed at 10:00pm and I crash hard!

Better Food Decisions

cant out-train

After a morning sweat-fest I am not about to ruin it with a cinnamon bun or a half dozen donuts. I worked hard for that calorie-burn and I want to make sure I feed my body right afterward. You can’t out-train a bad diet, amiright?!

So what did I do this morning? Today was my rest morning so I just inclined walked on the treadmill while catching up with Orange is the New Black. I did do a great sweat-fest workout yesterday which I’ll share with you next week after a create a cute little pin-able graphic for you.

Have a great Thursday!

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Are you a morning, afternoon or evening worker-outer? 


At My House Survey

I’ve seen this fun little survey pop up on a few lifestyle/healthy living blogs lately and figured I would jump in and divulge a little useless information about my own house and my own life.

SL and I bought a house in the late fall and have been slowly settling in. Why not write about what goes on in my new house?

At My House Survey

  • Household chore I actually enjoy…


Does grocery shopping count? I love grocery shopping!

If not, laundry. I wouldn’t say I love doing laundry but I hate it the least. Before buying our house, SL and I didn’t have a washer and dryer which meant every couple weeks (or months more often than not) I would have to invade my parent’s house and spend HOURS tending to my laundry. I would completely waste a whole Saturday or Sunday on laundry which I vowed not to do once we moved into our house. Now that I have my very own washer and drier I enjoy don’t mind doing laundry.

  • Biggest household disaster…

Dishes. How do two people use so many dishes and utensils? Everything always seems to be dirty. We run the dishwasher multiple times a week and I still end up hand washing a bunch of things. Ugh…I hate it and I am never finished.

  • Before company arrives, I hide…


Cat toys. Cat toys are everywhere. You would think we are crazy cat people with 17 felines running around. Nope, just one but she is spoiled as shit and has hundreds of toys which she never puts away after using. I need to teach her to be more useful around the house.

  • Most recent music download…

Missy Elliott – Lose Control. I loved her in high school and thanks to an epic comeback at the Superbowl, my love has been reignited!

  • Last thing I bought online…

Jacket and pants

My new jacket and pants from Stitch Fix (<– ref link). I guess this actually doesn’t really count as an online purchase because I only checked out online. I did place an Amazon order for paper towel and coconut water recently but that’s not as fun.

  • I hate to shop for…

Things that I know what I want in my head but can’t find it in a store. I don’t mind shopping around for things but when I need something specific like nude flats or a special dress, I hate trying to find them in stores.

  • Favorite family ritual…

summer boat rides

Summer boat rides on Saturday afternoons with my family. There is nothing better!

  • I’m currently reading…

touch and go

Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner. I just started it and love that its set in Boston. Along with podcasts and snacks this book has been helping my epically long commutes a bit more bearable.

  • How did I ever live without…

I hate to admit this but its a toss up between having a treadmill in my house and having a big kitchen. First world problems, I know but both have been a game changer since moving into the new house.

So that’s that folks. Have a great Wednesday and thanks for reading my musings.

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Play along!

  • Biggest household disaster…
  • Last thing you bought online…
  • What can’t you live without?