Some Fall Goals

Over the summer I realized I never made any New Year’s resolutions back at the beginning of the year. I figured I would make some July Resolutions and work on them for the rest of the year. I just checked them out and realized they needed a little upgrade so this fall, I am making a commitment to concentrating on a few fall goals.

Fall Resolutions

  • Run another half marathon

This is on my July list and includes running 4-5 more races. Since, I have run (kayaked and biked) the GAC, run the Yankee Homecoming 5k, and I have the Brickman Triathlon at the end of the month. I just need a add a couple more races to the docket and I will have this goal fulfilled.

On the half marathon front – I really want to run the Half Merrython in December I just need to sign up. It is run by the same event company as the Twin Lobster was and if you volunteer to work at a race, you get a free race entry…boom! Sounds like a plan to me.

  • Check in on weekly

Saving money is always a goal of mine but now that SL and I are getting married (!!!!) I really want to make sure my hard earned money is not being blown on stupid things. Logging in to on a weekly basis (at least) will help keep me accountable and keep my spending on track.

  • Be more gluten, dairy and sugar free

I wouldn’t say my diet is bad but there is tons of room for improvement. I find that I don’t feel my best after eating these things so being more conscious of them will do nothing but help. And on a selfish point, SL and I are hoping to schedule our engagement pictures this fall and I want to look stunning!

  • Schedule my life better

This was also on my July Resolutions list and it was something I totally failed at this summer. But that is what summer is for, spontaneity and randomness. Now the easy, breezy days of summer are coming to an end I have to get back on the scheduling bandwagon. I have a triathlon coming up in a few weeks that I have done nothing for. Time to get my act together friends.

So there they are, my resolutions/goals for the fall. And since the fall technically lasts until the end of December, these will be my goals for the rest of the year. Come 2015, I will have a new set of  things to work on which may or may not be all wedding/honeymoon related (can’t wait!!).

Have a wondering Monday Tuesday and enjoy the fact that it’s a short work week!

What do you want to accomplish as 2014 winds down?

Friday Favorites – 8.29

How is already the end of August? Not only did the summer fly by (not that it is over) but this whole year has been flying by! This week, however, did not fly by for me, even though I was crazy busy at work. So needless to say I am so excited that it is finally Friday!

It’s labor day and I have two cookouts on the agenda which I still need to decide what to make/bring for both but I am not going to worry about that right now and instead I’ll share with you some of my favorites from this week!

Friday Favorites

  • 3 Day Weekends


(I love…in a big way)

I need this three day weekend! All weekends should be three days – FACT! SL and are are sticking around town and hitting up a couple cookouts and hopefully getting out house cleaned up a little bit (I have epic amounts of laundry to do too).

Patriots Shirt

I want this…I want it now! I’m bamboozled that it is already football season but this shirt pretty much describes Sundays in the HurLaw household. We don’t get much else done, other than cooking mass amounts of food. And, side note, Julian Edelman is freaking hot! Who knew?!

  • Pho

pho sho

This is one of my favorite things, ever. I could eat pho for every single meal. Is it weird that I am loving piping hot bowls of soup this summer? I can’t help it…it’s too amazing for words. Until December my office is right on the edge of Chinatown so I am going to take every advantage I can to gobble up multiple bowls of the good stuff.

That’s all for this week. I have to get a few more things done at the office then I am free as a bird and so ready to celebrate this holiday weekend!

Happy Labor Day my friends!

What are some of your favorites this week? Does anyone else crave off-season foods/drinks?

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